Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Bella hands has a variety of clients with special sanitation needs.  Plus, Bella Hands works hard to provide the safest and cleanest environment all around.  Bella Hands clients are the best clients around and these measures help those who are more at risk or immunocompromised so they can have fabulous looking nails too!
  • Appointments must be scheduled. No walk-in space is available. This allows me to clean, sanitize, and disinfect  the salon properly prior to each client.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are exhibiting any signs of illness or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick in the two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. If you show up sick, I will ask you to leave and you will be responsible for 100% of the service cost. If you are unsure if you should come into the salon, rescheduling is your best option.
  • No friends or family that are not receiving services at the same time can accompany you. Clients will be the only ones allowed into the salon.
  • When you arrive for your appointment please wait in your vehicle. I will text or signal you to come into the salon when I am certain all the sanitizing protocols Bella Hands will be doing have been met.  This is a regulation requirement by the State of Oregon.
  • Please leave all personal items in the car. You should bring only your debit/credit card and car keys into the salon. Please do not bring in your cell phone, purse, coffee, food, or water bottle.
  • Upon arrival, we ask that you kindly go straight to the restroom and wash your hands with soap and water. Bella Hands has procured cloth masks for customers that are cleaned and sanitized daily. A clean mask will be waiting for you by the restroom. Please put it on for the entirety of your service.  We ask that you use Bella Hands face masks and not your personal mask please.
  • Salons are not permitted to use any product brought by the client including nail polishes or files. Please do not bring any of these items with you to your appointment.
  • I’ll always remind you, but once your service is over please dispose of your mask into the laundry basket so we can sanitize them for future use.
  • We cannot take cash payments during this time. Please be prepared to pay with a credit/debit card only.

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact Bella Hands directly!

This is a question every customer should ask!  Trust the people you know!  Word of mouth referrals from friends, family, co-workers that get their nails done are your best resource.

Check out Bella Hands testimonials on Facebook and Google to find out what my clients are saying about me! If you are still unsure, I encourage you to make an appointment for a manicure and let’s meet face to face so you can try first-hand the Bella Hands experience.

Important information for all clients to know!

The State of Oregon does require a nail technician to be licensed.  So, make sure whomever you choose has a current up-to-date license.  At Bella Hands you can rest assured all nail techs are licensed and familiar with the latest sanitation and best practices offered in our industry.

If you are a new customer at Bella Hands I want to hear from you so that any questions you have are answered to your satisfaction!  I want to hear about the services you are interested in, any past issues you’ve had with your nails and any concerns you have with a new nail tech.  I’m all about offering a customized experience for you.  That means I’ll make sure you leave satisfied and happy. 

My personal guarantee is that at Bella Hands you will be treated with respect.   We are a LGBTQ and alternative lifestyle friendly salon.

While you are in my chair my focus is strictly on you and you won’t be getting a cookie-cutter experience.  I can tailor it for the most sensitive or toughest clients out there.

This is a great question and many clients ask me this. So here is my answer:  Discount shops are just that – discounted. There is a reason they are able to charge so little and it comes down to knowing what corners they are cutting that you, the customer, might end up paying for. Instead of focusing on all the things discount shops do wrong, let me tell you what Bella Hands does right. SANITATION – This is a top concern for many of us. And Bella Hands does not scrimp. We use high level disinfectants on our tools, implements, and work/touch surfaces. These disinfectants kill SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis B and C, HIV, athletes foot, nail fungus, and MRSA.    At Bella Hands you can rest assured that we have your health at the top of our priority list.

PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE – Bella Hands is a small woman-owned company with one goal – make sure my clients leave happy and satisfied with the services I provide.  In order to do that I make sure I know what my clients want.  When I say you won’t receive a cookie cutter experience that means that your personal preferences are taken into consideration and accommodated to the best of my ability.  When was the last time you were asked much more than which menu item and what nail polish you want?

TECHNICAL SKILLS – I was licensed in 1998 and have continued to educate myself with best practices and technical skills in our industry.  I am a certified educator with Hand and Nail Harmony. With my advanced certification I teach cosmetology students how to use all Harmony products.  I have continued my education at a variety of conferences and trade shows and even a “nail cruise” to the Western Carribean.  I am a skilled nail artist and have many years of experience to guarantee you a beautiful nail design and experience.  Is your discount shop technician licensed and up-to-date?

Bella hands uses a variety of products.  Some of our favorites are Gelish, Luminary Nail System, Profiles and Premium Nail Concepts   If you have a special need please reach out and let me know in advance so that I can ensure I have the correct products for your service.  We don’t expect you to know all the answers to your product questions.  We’re the experts and are here to help!

Please be aware of any product containing MMA or Methyl Methacrylate. In 1974 the American Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) declared it to be a poisonous and deleterious (harmful) substance when used on fingernails. You WILL find this product used in some discount shops.

Here is what I tell all my clients…acrylic nails are a commitment! 

While acrylic nails can be done to fit most lifestyles, they are not for everyone.  They require upkeep and dedication. At Bella Hands you need to be 18 years of age or have parental permission for me to apply acrylic nails.  They have to be maintained every two-three weeks and the cost per month needs to be considered.

If you are unsure about acrylic nails, contact me and let’s talk about some options that might work better for you and your lifestyle! 

Solar was a brand of acrylic by Creative Nail Designs. (CND) What  makes solar nails different is that they won’t yellow when exposed to UV light, such as tanning beds or the sun. Bella Hands uses Premium Nail Concepts monomer (liquid) and  powders that also are considered non-yellowing. You can identify if a product used is considered non-yellowing if the monomer (liquid) is a purple color.  

If you are told you are receiving Solar Nails at a salon please be aware that the Solar brand is no longer available and has been discontinued.  You’ll find the brand name associated with products as an upsell in other salons, however, at Bella Hands, these non-yellowing options can be requested as a standard offering with all Bella Hands experiences.  

Shellac is a brand of gel polish by Creative Nail Designs. (CND) There are many other similar products that are considered gel polishes. Gel polish is  cured under a UV or LED light. Once cured the product is “dry.” I personally like using the Hand and Nail Harmony brand of gel polish called Gelish. Gel polish can be used on all types of nails including  acrylic nail enhancements.

Dip manicures are a natural nail service that uses colored acrylic powder and resin. Dip nail powders DO NOT contain vitamins or minerals that strengthen your nails. Like gel manicures, the product should be soaked off and reapplied at each appointment. 

In Oregon it is ILLEGAL to dip the finger into the acrylic powder jar, do not allow any nail technician to apply acrylic powder in this way.  To avoid contamination, Bella Hands uses a gel base coat and pours the acrylic onto the uncured base coat, then cures. No cross contamination happens at Bella Hands!  Sanitary practices are not a question when you book with us!

Bella Hands understands!  Owner, Melissa, used to be a nail biter too!  Biting your nails can cause permanent damage to your nail, but we have a solution that helps nail biters break their habit.  Bella Hands has perfected a method of using acrylic to create a natural looking nail.  Acrylic is very hard and difficult to bite.  When the acrylic is protecting your natural nail, it is allowed to grow back healthy and stronger. 

If you are ready to stop biting your nails give us a call!  Consultation is required for nail biting services.