Common Questions & FAQ


I want acrylic nails, are they right for me?

I  think acrylic nails can be done to fit most lifestyles.  I won’t do  acrylic nails on anyone under the age of 18 unless they have a parent  come speak with me first. Nails are a commitment! They have to be  maintained every 2-3 weeks. The cost per month for acrylic nails can  average $50, maybe more. 


How do I choose a nail technician?  

The  best way is word of mouth. If you have friends, family, co-workers that  get their nails done, and you like the way they look ask who does them.  Women who get their nails done are proud of them and are more then  willing to share the name of their nail tech. In most states you are  required by law to be licensed, you should make sure the nail tech you  are considering is licensed.

I got a referral, now what? 

Call  and speak with the nail technician. While speaking with them, tell them  that your friend/co-worker referred them to you.  Then tell them what  you are wanting, there are different services that meet different needs.  If you are unsure, make an appointment for a manicure, to meet face to  face and discuss the options.

What is Shellac?

Shellac  is a brand of gel polish by Creative Nail Designs. There are many other  similar products that are considered gel polishes. A gel polish is  cured under a UV or LED light. Once cured the product is dry. I  personally like using the Hand and Nail Harmony brand of gel polish  called Gelish. Gel polish can be used on all types of nails, including  acrylic nail enhancements.

What are dip nails?

Dip manicures are a natural nail service that uses acrylic powder and resin. Dip nail powders DO NOT contain vitamins or minerals that strengthen your nails. Like gel manicures, the product should be soaked off and reapplied at each appointment. 

What are "Solar nails"? 

**Solar  was a brand of acrylic by Creative Nail Designs. This acrylic tends to  have a higher cost at discount salons, because it is a name brand. What  makes solar different is that it won't yellow when exposed to UV light, such as tanning beds or sun. There are many products out there that have  this same ability. I use Premium Nail Concepts monomer (liquid) and  powders that also are considered non-yellowing. A good tell tail sign  that the product being used is considered non-yellowing is if the  monomer (liquid) is a purple color. If there is ever a question or  concern, always ask the person performing the service. **Solar is no longer available. CND has discontinued this product.


Why should I pay more? 

This  is a great question and many women ask me this.  So here is my answer.   Discount shops are just that, discounted.  There is a reason they  charge so little.  What corners are they cutting to charge you such a  small amount?  Just remember this saying “you get what you pay for.”   You pay $25 for a full set, don’t think your nails will look the same as  someone who paid twice that.  Also understand that are some untalented  nail techs out there, no matter what you pay.  But if you are unhappy  with the end result you need to bring up your concerns with the nail  tech, if they want to keep you as a client then they will try their best  to make you happy. If you were my client I’d want to make you happy.


What products do nail technicians use?

There  are many products out there that we use. A lot of it is personal  preferences, or needs of the client. If you have a question about what a  nail tech is using on you ask, they should have no problem telling you  what it does, and what brand it is.  There is a product out there called  MMA or Methyl methacrylate. In 1974 the American Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) declared it to be a Poisonous and deleterious  (harmful) substance, when used on fingernails.  This product tends to be  used in discount a shop, that’s why it’s important to ask questions if  you have any concerns.


Nail bitter services

There  are many out there who bite their nails, I used to be a nail biter.  Doing this can cause permanent damage to the nail. I have perfected a  method to allow nail biter to have wonderful looking nails again.  I use  acrylic to create a natural looking nail. Because the acrylic is very  hard it’s difficult for someone to bite off. With the acrylic protecting  the natural nail, it gives the nail an opportunity to grow and the nail  biter will be able to break the habit of biting. Consultation required


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