Fall Lash Shedding — What You Need to Know

Fall Lash Shedding — What You Need to Know


Did you know your hair, including your eyelashes has a regular shedding cycle? Lashes drop and regrow about every 60-90 days and it’s a perfectly normal and healthy part of your body’s routine. However, you may have noticed that in the fall, they seem to fall out and thin at a faster rate. It has much to do with the dropping temperatures and lack of humidity. Our bodies are more dehydrated during the colder months, which can cause you to shed hair faster.


What About My Lash Extensions? 

If you’re like me, you love having long lush eyelashes and extensions are a part of my regular beauty routine. If you’ve got extension lashes there are three things you need to know.


  • It’s not your technician’s fault!

You’re going to lose more lashes than normal which will make it feel like your extensions aren’t lasting as long as they should. Extensions don’t keep your lashes from thinning. When you have natural lashes that are falling out, your extension will fall out with them. Your lash technician cannot change this natural body process! Be sure to ask about the fall shed at your next lash appointment to discuss the next two suggestions I have for you!


  • More frequent fills will keep your lashes looking full.

If your technician is telling you to book your fill appointments more frequently right now it’s not because they are trying to pull something over you. It’s because they know you’ll need more frequent fills to make up for the fall shed you’re likely to experience.


Think about all the time and money you’ve already spent on those gorgeous eyes of yours. Don’t let it go to waste. It’s worth the extra fills. Keep in mind that after about 8-12 weeks it will go back to normal.


  • Extra care will help stem the lash shed.

If you’re a client of Bella Hands, you’ve gotten my lash maintenance guidelines card.  Here  is a simplified list for caring for your lashes:

  • Clean them every day with lash cleanser
  • Avoid products with oil in them
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara or eyelash curlers


You can also use a lash growth serum or a lash sealant to help slow shedding. There are a number of products on the market, but my favorite is Infinity Lash.


Oh look! You just found an eyelash!  Make a wish! 


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