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Before you send us a message can we answer your questions?

Bella Hands works strictly by appointment Tuesday through Saturday.  We don’t have “set” hours and will accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability.  This means that typically we can accommodate after-work appointments!

All scheduling is done through the Bella Hands website.  You can book a service by clicking the button below!  Remember, a credit or debit card is required to secure the appointment. We don’t charge you at the time you schedule, but if you don’t contact us and skip your appointment we do charge you for the full price of the missed service. 

Check out our services page!  Bella Hands can accommodate almost any request and our prices are available for you to see.  Specialty requests may have an extra charge.    Send me a message about any special requests you might have and we can talk directly about options and prices.

Absolutely!  We’d love to book you a service with a friend or small group.  As a friendly reminder, at Bella Hands, we work by appointment only.  To accommodate your request please contact us with your specific request so we can make sure the nail techs needed are available.

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