Melissa Schumann, Owner, Bella Hands

It’s so good to meet you!  Hi, I’m Melissa, owner of Bella Hands Beauty Boutique located in Milwaukie, Oregon which is part of the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Let me tell you a little more about me and why you will find Bella Hands to be the best salon experience you’ve ever had.  I’m a down-to-earth, animal-loving, sun-worshiper that loves tattoos.  I’ve heard it said before that I’m maybe not what you’re used to as a nail tech.  I’m warm and welcoming and I love to meet new people and make them feel pampered, beautiful, and unique through personalized salon services.  I opened Bella Hands in 2009  and now I can’t wait to share all the things I love most about being the owner of Bella Hands Beauty Boutique.


Why Choose Bella Hands

When I started doing nails it was a hobby that turned into my passion and career path.  I became a licensed nail technician in 1998.  I focused my talent toward acrylic nails, pink and whites, colored acrylics, sculptured nails and  free hand nail art.

I’m also an educator and hold advanced certifications that allow me to teach other nail techs how to best work with services like Gelish soak off gel polish, dip manicures, PolyGel, and ProHesion acrylic. 

If you don’t know what all that means, that’s OK.  The most important thing for you to remember is that Bella Hands is a unique personalized experience because each client deserved that individual attention and pampering. 

My services are tailored to meet the your needs.  We’ll talk about your skin type, your nails, any issues you have, and what specialized look you really enjoy. 

When you book with me, you can be assured I’m going to work with you to make sure you are a very satisfied client.
Bella Hands offers the best customized experience for each and every client.  One of the things I’m really good at is working with problem nails.  I’m talking about the ones that chip, flake, break, or are regularly bitten.  I can help you with skin and nail solutions that help your nails grow stronger and look amazing.  

If you just remember one thing, I hope its that at Bella Hands you receive the highest level of customer service, a clean and sanitary shop, and you can count on quality results every time.  

That’s how I’m saving the world one nail at a time.


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Bella Hands Beauty Boutique

Saving the World
One Nail at a Time

My team

Bella Hands has a team of professionals that offer their own services at the Bella Hands Beauty Boutique location.  

divine nail tech

Alexandra Sanata

Meet Alexandra Sanata, (@divinenailtech) a recent graduate that has joined Bella Hands just this past month.

A few highlights:

She moved to Oregon in 2020 from Colorado with her husband and fur baby, Daisy.

She started doing her own nails using acrylics at the age of 13. It was the start of her passion for everything in the beauty industry.

She is passionate about natural nail care.

Book Now  with Alexandra

bewitched nails


I’m a girl that loves to empower others through a beautiful set of nails.  I know I feel more confident and powerful when I self-care and I’m really excited to share my knowledge and the science behind how that happens.  

I’m here to bring a fresh perspective and some fun.  I love interesting nail art and trendy aesthetics so you can always count on me for something with some pizzazz!

I grew up in a mid-western small Kentucky town, but have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest.  I dabble in photography, have a huge indoor garden and am a fire spinner.  I’m most excited to share my talent and skills as a nail tech with you!


Phone: 541.232.4381