5 Waxing Tips You Need to Know

Waxing is one of those salon experiences that many clients book with the expectation that it will just be as painful as it’s going to be and there is nothing that they can do about it other than just “deal with it.” 


I’m here to tell you that is NOT the case. 


Now, I’m not saying I have some magic waxing wand that is going to take all the pain away. In general, pulling hair out from the roots is uncomfortable, but it’s a long-term alternative to shaving daily, and why clients choose to put themselves through waxing discomfort.


However, you can follow these 5 waxing tips that will make it easier on your skin, give you longer-lasting results, and be a better experience for you!



The wax needs something to grab onto and that means you have to grow your hair out. This also means you can’t shave between waxes. If you shave it makes your hair grow back unevenly. 


I know! It stinks to have to let the hair get that long, but just think of the long-term benefits of clean smooth skin with no hair! Three weeks of hair growth is kind of the magic number. 



Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from your body. Dead skin cells make it hard for new hair growth to poke through. So, when you exfoliate you are making it easier to get a clean, smooth, and even wax every single time. 


Bella Hands recommends using a body scrub a couple of times per week on all the areas you get waxed —arms, legs, underarms, face, bikini, etc. Make sure you exfoliate 1-2 days before your waxing appointment. You don’t want to exfoliate on the same day because your skin will still be sensitive!



If you are uncomfortable with the waxing procedure then take an over-the-counter pain pill about an hour before your appointment. Most people won’t need them, but if you are feeling at all stressed about it this will help dull the pain during your appointment.


If you are taking any medication or using skin care products that can cause sensitivity you should talk with me before we do any waxing on your body! 



Yep. I’m talking about plain ol’ water – the OG of hydration!   Hydration is a big player in the health of your skin. You want hydrated skin all the time!  If your skin is dry then your hair is dry and can break off.  Moisturizers help but aren’t going to solve the problem if you aren’t drinking enough water.


Water in coffee or other beverages (especially alcohol) causes dehydration so drink them sparingly before your appointment and make sure you are getting in your 8 glasses every single day!



My clients might smile at this one considering the Portland, Oregon metro area is famous for not having a lot of sun. Keep in mind that even a few UV rays can cause sensitivity to your skin so if you plan on being outdoors make it more than 24-48 hours before or after your waxing appointment.


If you get a sunburn you need to reschedule your appointment until your skin is feeling back to normal. Any sunburn will cause your waxing session to be even more painful and can cause irritation and increased swelling. 


If you head outside right after waxing your skin will burn easier because your skin is thinner due to the exfoliation process that occurs when waxing.



Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about your next waxing appointment!  I use premium waxing products that always offer a better experience for my clients — especially if you follow my 5 tips! 


Bella Hands offers waxing on your brow, lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, and underarms. You can book a waxing session HERE

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