5 Questions to ask your Nail Tech
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Whether you’re a client at Bella Hands or frequent another salon here are 5 questions you should always ask your nail tech.

Question 1: What are your disinfection practices

 This is really important, especially right now in our post-COVID world. Your nail tech should be using a high-level disinfection regimen when cleaning their tools, implements and any surface touched by someone. What does high-level disinfection mean? It means the active ingredients kill Human Coronavirus, Hepatitis B & C Virus, Influenza, Herpes, and HIV1.

At Bella Hands, we use Rejuvenate wipes. It’s a one-step disinfectant wipe that only requires a minute to kill those nasty bugs. If you’d like to learn more about the nail salon industry and disinfection, Nails Mag has a great article about it.  

Question 2:  What brand of acrylic do you use?

There are many different brands of acrylic on the market, but if your tech can’t tell you exactly what brand or they say “solar” you should have serious concerns about the product they will be applying to your nails. Solar was a product manufactured years ago but has since been discontinued.  There is a product out there called MMA or Methyl Methacrylate. In 1974 the American Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) declared it to be a poisonous and deleterious (harmful) substance when used on fingernails. I still see this product used on occasion in some salons! 

Question 3:  What service would be best for me?

I love it when my clients ask for me to guide them in their “nail journey.” Not all services are fitting for all people. If you want beautiful nails, but don’t want the maintenance of coming in every 2-3 weeks then acrylic nails aren’t the best option for you. I will always take the time to do a thorough consultation before starting a service. If you leave happy with the results, then I’ve done my job correctly. 

Question 4:  What’s your favorite service to provide?

This is a great question because it will give you some insight into what your tech excels at. If they say they love doing acrylic nails, then you’re more likely to be happy with the finished result. However, if they say natural nails, then they may not be the right tech for you unless you want steller manicures and pedicures.

Question 5:  How can I be a good client?

Does this feel opposite to you?  In my 20+ years of being a tech, I’ve had this question a couple of times. BUT! I think it’s a really important one and indicates to your nail tech that they are doing a good job and you appreciate their skills.  Everyone needs a pat on the back and positive input, especially when performing a personal service.

For me; I love it when clients communicate clearly about what they want. I will always do my very best to give you perfect nails, but if something isn’t just right don’t be afraid to speak up.

If you love your tech, leave reviews in public forums. ie Google, Facebook, their website, etc. I do not recommend Yelp. Unfortunately, Yelp isn’t very kind to those who don’t buy their advertising services. Which means reviews get filtered and never seen.

Refer us to your friends, family, and co-workers. The best clients are always those who were referred by someone. 

Lastly, be considerate of your tech, remember many of us are independent contractors and don’t get paid time off, sick leave, or even a guaranteed paycheck. So, being considerate to your nail tech will go a long way. I can guarantee; you take good care of your tech, they will take good care of you!

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